Recommendations for Mediatel Data Call & Contact Center administration

For the good functioning of the Mediatel Data services and solutions, we come to meet our clients with a series of recommendations for their use.


  • During the lifecycle and development/ upgrades and updates, best and latest practice and safety standards or well-established development standards are respected.
  • Mediatel Data ensures that all employees understand their responsibilities and obligations regarding the processing of personal data and access to confidential information of third parties and their collaborators / clients.
  • Database servers and applications only process data to meet customer goals. All data is stored in the environment and infrastructure provided by the customer and are entirely owned by them.

Roles and responsibilities

  • It is important that the roles and responsibilities of the parties are clearly defined, from the beginning of the collaboration, in accordance with the internal security policy. Any change to these rights may have an impact on the services provided and we need to be informed. A management and registration of this type of information is required to be done internally.
  • A plan on reporting, responding and treating incidents needs to be defined.
  • All passwords and access rights are internally managed, with the recommendation to always ensure their complexity and their transmission is done only with protection.
  • Databases and records always belong to the client and it is his responsibility to ensure proper operation, as well as archiving and accuracy.
  • Performing the physical, physical and virtual back-up process is the task of the Operator, and monitoring is required to ensure completeness and restoration of the desired data.
  • Encryption, archiving, pseudo-anonymization and anonymization is always done under internal protocols and using dedicated tools.
  • We recommend increased security through firewalls and permanent monitoring of vital services from call and contact centers.
  • Mobile devices that have access to the computer system are pre-registered and internally pre-authorized.

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